23. Yoga Mudras

The special state (position) of fingers and hand in relation to the body is called a Mudra. These mudras generate marvellous Yoga effects by awakening the hidden energies of pancha prana, chakras and Kundalini powers. The skill acquired by practicing these mudras, will help in co-coordinating the trinity of Annamaya Kosha (physical body) Manomaya Kosha (the pranic state) and Pranamaya Kosha (the life of the body). At the beginning the practitioner recognizes and feels the power of life that is generated in the vibrations of the body. With the help of this feelings, the practitioner gradually progresses towards the Atma Sakshatkara – the realization of Self.

Yoga mudras are broadly classified into 5 types :

1. Hasta mudras:

They are concerned with meditation. The some important among them are:

(1) Gyan
(2) Chin
(3) Yoni
(4) Bhairav and
(5) Hruday mudras.

The position of the fingers play a pivot role in these mudras.

2. Mano mudras:

These are useful in stimulating the Kundalini powers. Some important among them are:

(1) Sambhavi,
(2) Nasikagra Drishti,
(3) Khechari,
(4) Kaki,
(5) Bhujangini,
(6) Bhoochari,
(7) Aakash,
(8) Shanmukhi and
(9) Unmani mudras.

The positions of eyes, nose, ears, tongue and lips play a key role in these mudras.

3. Kaya mudras:

They are useful in regulating the breath and concentrating the mind. Among them six are very important. They are:

(1) Pran,
(2) Vipareet Karani,
(3) Yoga,
(4) Pashini,
(5) Manduki and
(6) Tadagi mudras.

Many Yogasanas are involved in them.

4. Bandh mudras:

Mudras and Bandhs are combined in them. The live power for awakening the Kundalini power is generated by practicing these mudras. They are:

(1) Maha mudra,
(2) Maha Bheda mudra and
(3) Maha Vedh mudra.

Various Bandhs are used in these mudras.

5. Adhar mudras:

These mudras send energy from the lower parts of the body to the brain. These mudras control the sexual capacity. They are:
(1) Ashwani mudra,
(2) Vajroli mudra (for men only) and
(3) Sahajoli mudra (for women only).

The above mudras should be learnt under the instructions of Yoga mudra experts to get wonderful results.