25. Women – Yoga Practice

Indian society has been a male dominated one. This is also true in many countries! Though men and women are almost equal in number in the society, still male get importance and prominence. Men enjoy more rights than women. Even in the field of education, women were kept in the second status. Women are more advanced in western countries. Economic freedom is necessary for them to progress. If women are economically self sufficient, all the rights come to them automatically. Most women in our country are economically backward. They are so in health. Women were confined to household work only. There was no need for them to become either wrestlers or fighters. Therefore no one has paid any attention in training women in wrestling, physical exercises, Yoga practicing, games etc. Women also thought, that when they did not find sufficient time even to complete the house hold work, where was the chance for them to think about Yoga and such other activities!

Beauty is an important aspect for women. A girl is strong, beautiful and delicate before the marriage. But after the marriage, generally, when she becomes the mother of two, her shape is totally changed. In the young age only, she looks like old aged one. Not only look, but most women also feel aged and they in fact become physically weak. If any change is to be brought at this state of affair, women are to be trained in practicing Yoga exercises. The drills and sports in the schools only are not sufficient.

Gradually changes are taking place in this direction and women are joining Yoga kendras and practicing Yoga exercises very well these days. These exercises are not only keeping them in trimmed and good health but also bringing changes in their life style. If one woman in a family is educated in Yoga science, she becomes healthy and wise and in turn, the family and the whole society change towards better living styles.

It is not at all true that the Yoga exercises harm the health of women. In fact, Pashchimotanasan, Bhujangasan and Dhanurasan cure the uterus diseases. Sarvangasan, Halasan and Shanti asan cure hysteria and so on….

In the initial stages, women should attempt light Asans. Later they may go for difficult and compound Asans. There by they get not only good health but also acquire efficiency in their work. They become alert and sharp in their routine. They may also encourage and teach Yogasans to other women and children and guide them towards an enlightened life.

Women practicing Yoga exercises should note the following:

1. Yoga should not be practiced during menstruation period. Complete rest should be taken for those 3 to 4 days. Meditation must be done.

2. Women, who have normal deliveries may start simple Asans after 45 days of the delivery.

3. Women, who have been operated during the deliveries or otherwise, should not attempt any exercises for 3 to 4 months. They may walk in the house for simple physical movements. Later they may start Yoga with Micro Yoga and simple asanas.

4. No doubt Surya namaskars work as tonics for women and the organs of the body are energized. But during menstruation and pregnancy they should not attempt Surya namaskar.

5. Preganants are advised to practicing only light Asans from third month onwards under guidance. From the seventh month, they should attempt only micro Yoga activities.

6. They should meditate/pray regularly.

Now-a-days women on par with men are enthusiastically taking part in Yoga programs and competitions. They are also becoming qualified Yoga teachers. They should be encouraged by family members.

Yoga may be described as one of the most important aspects that contribute for the perfect health and psychological development of women. Yoga practicing provides a good complete health and develops the concentration and memory power, irrespective of age of the practitioners. It is a matter of great importance that from the girls of 8 years to the women of 80 years are practicing Yoga these days.

Earnestly it is desired to encourage the girls and women who have inclination towards Yoga. They should be provided all the opportunities and facilities, so that the coming generations may have a healthy and enlightened society.