26. Massage Therapy

Various parts of the body are always either pressed or rubbed or shocked or patted, knowingly or unknowingly. If they are deliberately attempted, it is called massage. Massage of the body starts in one way or the other, as soon as the child is born. Every mother wants her child to be strong, mighty, healthy, sharp and long-lived. For that she massages the child every time. Massage is necessary for every one through out the life. Every person young, old, men, women and children should get massage as a treatment once a week followed by head bath. One may massage his self body also.


1. Elimination of the accumulated wastes in the body in the form of stool, urine, sweat and exhale is regularised.

2. Massage regulates the blood circulation in the body.

3. Massage energises all the organs of the body.

4. It stimulates the digestive organs, intestines and other glands in the body. Exhaustion / tiredness is reduced. The body is relaxed.

5. The accumulated extra fat in the body melts and converts into energy.

6. It works miraculously in treatment of paralysis, polio, nerves weakness, headache, body pains, joint pains etc.

7. It makes weak and lean people strong.

8. It cleans the skin pores so that the impurities accumulated in the blood come out through them in the shape of sweat easily.

9. It makes the body soft, shapy and beautiful.

10. People who do neither Yoga nor any other physical exercises can also be benefited if they massage their body regularly.


There are many methods of massage. The following are important of them:

1. Oil massage (Til, Olive, Coconut and Sarso oil)

2. Cream massage (Butter, Ghee, Cream)

3. Medicinal oil massage

4. Powder massage

5. Massage with foot

6. Massage with electrical instruments

7. Massage with cold things

8. Magnetic massage etc.

The impure blood flows from all the parts to the heart, so the body should be massaged upward towards heart. According to the disease and the affected part of the body, the method and kind of massage is prescribed by the experts. Therefore the advice of the physicians or massage experts is very important to get good effects. Oil massage is easy and good among all.

The oil should be lightly applied to the entire body and massaged. Later with warm water bath should be taken. The affected and/or painful area or the spot is massaged and later warmed up with the infra-red light to get quick relief.

Massage treatment should be taken to improve the health. It should not be mis-used to tempt or stimulate the organs.

The oil is applied to the body thoroughly and then massaged. Then the body is exposed to tender sunrays for some time, before taking bath. Body gets Vitamin D abundantly in the sun. This prevents the body from skin diseases. Five to six drops of pure oil or ghee are to be put in the nostrils once in a week.

After massage if steam bath is taken, the unwanted fat of the body is reduced, breathing problems, headache, cold, sleeplessness and tiresomeness are relieved. The body is energised, enthusiased and becomes alert.

Note: A glass full of water should be drunk before taking steam bath. A piece of wet cloth is to be kept on the head. Steam bath can be taken once or twice a week.


The parts of the body, which are massaged, breathing should be normal.


People suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseases, Pregnants should not either massage their body or take steam bath. They can softly rub themselves.

Massage, steam bath and such facilities are available at Gandhi Gyan Mandir Yoga Kendra, Kasturba Nature Cure Hospital and many such nature cure and health centers.