22. Vishranti Yoga Sadhana

One fine December Sunday morning in 2004, the author was conducting a Yoga session at the Yoga Kendra and about 120 persons were relaxing in Shanti-asan. Suddenly a new concept came in the mind and the words started rolling out. The sadhaks practically followed the instructions. And after about 30/40 minutes, the entire group was totally relieved of all the physical and mental stress.

The name “Vishranti Yoga Sadhana” was spontenously declared, which was well received by the participants.


In Shanti-asan, various smaller Micro-Yoga movements for eyes, forehead, mouth, nose, neck, throat, arms, chest, waist, legs etc., are done. Breathing exercises of Pranayaam are clubbed.

Yog-nidra in mini form is also done. Body parts are stretched and relaxed. All this is done very smoothly effortlessly and rythamatically.


The body parts involved-part by part.


This process is an easy relaxation technique, especially very good for weak and bed-ridden people. Hospitals can use this for their patients very conveniently. The people who lack concentration may also adopt this as an easier way for relaxation.

Note: Cassettes / CDs/DVDs giving instruction are available.

Vishranti Yog Sadhana for relaxation of body and mind