33. Illustrations of some difficult Asanas


Here are some of the very advanced & difficult Yogasanas illustrated by senior experts, who have been practicing them for quite a length of time and have mastered them.

The readers must note the following rules before attempting any of the advanced yogic postures :

Rules to be STRICTLY observed:

1) Practice of the advanced Yogasanas should be commenced under the presence and guidance of senior Yoga experts only.

2) One should first be able to perform the preliminary asanas (Refer earlier chapters) at ease.

3) The body, limbs and joints must be flexible, as in these asanas, they have to adopt most unusual positions.

4) During the practice neither over-strain nor severe jerks should be experienced anywhere in the body, as such strains may cause harm / injury to the body.

5) Any hastiness to arrive at the final position may be dangerous. The practice should be slow, steady and regular.

6) Total concentration and presence of mind is necessary. Any deviation at the time of practice may be harmful.

7) It may not be generally possible for every person to perform all the following (or other varieties) asanas which are categorized as (1) Front bending (2) Back bending (3) Balancing and (4) Others. Sadhak must attempt them according to physical capacity.