Dr. Praveen Kapadia, born on 6th December 1947 and initiated into Yoga, at a very young age of 8, by his father Shri Koonvarji Lalji Kapadia and well-trained by veteran Yogacharyas, makes you feel healthy at the very first meeting, which you can never forget.

Hailing from a family of devoted social workers, Mr. Praveen has been shouldering the heavy responsibility of spreading the yoga science as the Director of reputed Gandhi Gyan Mandir Yoga Kendra and Chief Executive Officer of International Health Services.

His untiring work in this field has made the historical city of Hyderabad the YOGA CAPITAL of India, where in thousands have started practicing yoga daily and are achieving the goal of Better Health day by day.

Here he gives the instructions for a complete transformation of you into a new person. Read, understand and follow for an entirely new way of life.

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