Guruji passes away on Friday, 20th Apr, 2018, 2.45 pm


Dr. Praveen Kapadia, Director, Gandhi Gyan Mandir Yoga Kendra, Hyderabad and a well-known yoga Guru left for heavenly abode. Dr. Kapadia (71years) was associated with Gandhi Gyan Mandir Yoga Kendra and has been teaching yoga for the last 45 years. In his yogic career, the Yoga Kendra has been working continuously without a single break. His Dedication toward yoga was un-parallel. Even yesterday, on his last day the yoga Kendra functioned as usual. In his yogic life, he trained more than 10 lakh people, gave 25000 lectures, and trained 2500 teachers. Dr. Kapadia travelled to many parts of the country to prorogate yoga. In 1990, he travelled to Russia for training of yoga in Moscow and St. Petersburg. He was visiting yoga instructor in several organizations.

He was author of several books in Yoga. His books were translated in Hindi, English, Telugu and Urdu. Dr. Kapadia was recipient of many national awards, notably amongst them being “The scroll of Honor” bequeathed with “Doctorate Degree” in yoga from Indian Medical Association, Hyderabad , for his meritorious service in the field of yoga and Health Promotion. He is survived by wife and two sons Ravindra Kapadia and Anshul Kapadia both yoga instructors. He has left behind thousands of his disciples, yoga enthusiasts of all religions and walks of life.

A prayer meeting will be held at Gandhi Gyan Mandir Yoga Kendra, Koti on, Sunday 22 April between 4:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.